About CenterMed

CenterMed is a national network of outpatient clinics situated in Warsaw (5), Cracow (1), Poznan (2), Lublin (1), Tarnow (4) and in other smaller towns. In 2011, CenterMed provided over 500,000 medical consultations. Our medical centers provide a wide range of medical services including primary care, specialist outpatient care, inpatient surgeries, rehabilitation and advanced diagnostics.

We strongly believe that better understanding of patients needs can ensure provisions of highest quality medical help. Our patient population is greatly diversified. Among others, we run student-oriented medical centers in Warsaw, provide a wide range of rehabilitation services in Poznan and Lublin, coordinate multiple prevention checkup campaigns (cardiovascular, respiratory complications and diabetes) in Tarnow, deliver inpatient surgeries in Cracow and outpatient surgeries in Nowy Sacz. Our primary care patients are from Poland’s largest cities such as Warsaw and Krakow and also small communities such as Zglobice.

In pursuit of a healthier society, CenterMed delivers free diabetic consultations for primary care patients living in Tarnow. Multiple prevention checkup campaigns address groups at risk of cardiovascular and respiratory complications. Our unique prevention campaigns help our patients manage their heath in an optimal way.

CenterMed is a leading member of Medcluster which associates with health institutions, health resorts, R&D centers, universities and public administration in South-East Poland. Medcluster is designed to facilitate integration and coordination of complex healthcare services which help to preserve and restore the health of our patients.

Our mission includes the introduction of innovative technologies which improve quality and increases accessibility to health services. We continuously develop solutions aimed at popularization of EHR, telecare and telehealth services.  This includes the establishment of secure communication systems based on VPN networks which enable secure data exchange between clinics.

All our efforts are planned with the strong belief that the introduction of advanced remote solutions in healthcare need to be designed in a systematic way which enables interoperability.


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